Absolutely Love It!

My 5 year old son has been with the Power Soccer program over the last year and we absolutely love it! Being an avid soccer player myself, I can see how the coaches make each session fun but at the same time everything they do is targeting skill building both on the ball and off the ball. I like how the kids each get lot of time with the ball but there is also great emphasis during the mini-games on how to pass and play as a team. As a physiotherapist, I also love how the various drills and games help build agility and movement skills and that the kids are constantly moving during the hour long session. Whether you are looking to have your child build soccer specific skills, or just to have fun and exercise, I highly recommend the Power Soccer programs!"

Thanks so much and keep up the great work!


Goalkeeper Excellence

Thomas LOVED the training and I just wanted to say that I think this was such a great program for Thomas! He absolutely loved all the coaches and I've never seen him focus so much before, or be interested in anything like this program.

Thank you so much for running such a phenomenal program and I hope we will be back soon for another session!


Amazing Coaching

I wanted to reach out to you and provide some feedback about the power soccer camp at Glendon.

My boys have been attending the summer camp for 3 years now. They have consistently had a wonderful experience. The coaches are so friendly and dedicated. This summer, particularly, has been amazing. My older son's coach, Corey, was incredibly supportive and motivating. It was such a pleasure to have him as our coach.

In addition to all the great staff I wanted to specifically let you know about coach Tyler who we have known for the past 3 summers. He is an outstanding coach who is so incredibly dedicated. I am very impressed with his ability to engage with all of the campers on a personal level and makes all of them feel so comfortable and confident to be there. He makes a great effort to welcome all of the kids and ensure that everyone is enjoying their day. Tyler is an outstanding individual and my children have been so happy to see him at camp every day. I, as a parent, am grateful for his dedication and it is coaches like him that made our camp experience at power soccer one of the best we've ever had.

Thank you to all of the staff!!
Have a great rest of the summer!


Experienced Motivating Coaches

Power Soccer is by far the best sport , camp or activity my son has ever taken part in.
Excellent, mature, experienced coaches who really know how to motivate kids and actually teach them how to improve their skills.


Power Love

Brady had been excited all year about returning to his usual summer soccer camp. But we agreed that it was time to try another more intense camp if he really wanted to develop. So, Power Soccer came into our lives. One week only I'll try it - is what Brady said. Well, I signed him up for two weeks, and he absolutely loved it. Your coaches are "all so amazing" as B says. How amazing you ask? Well, day one, last Monday, the start of three weeks at his old camp, I picked him up and said please send me back to Power Soccer. He is VERY happy!
The happy ending to this story, you are doing a great job, Brady is so happy, and that makes Mom and Dad happy! Happy happy happy! Sounds perfect to me.
Thank you so much for doing the great job Power does, for having amazing staff, for helping the kids develop so they themselves can see improvement, can be proud of themselves and learn that hard work really does pay off.
Have a fantastic week!


Awesome Coaches, Awesome Camp

Thank you Liam – your programs are absolutely fantastic. My son Evan has been attending for a few years now and he had an incredible week at camp this week (U10 rep with Tyler and team). Awesome coaches, awesome camp and terrific weather LOL.


Power gave him confidence, skills and a whole new group of friends.

I wanted to thank you again for all you did for Brady over the years. Power gave him confidence, skills and a whole new group of friends that he had a lot of good fun with. The instructors and the way they coached Brady were unbelievable. Brady often finds sports hard because of coaches that he finds are too hard on him. He laughed with, respected, performed and quite frankly loved all the coaches and staff at Power. Keep up the good work.


Our Lady of Sorrows

My boys just completed their second session of U8 soccer essentials with Power Soccer at Our Lady of Sorrows on Sundays. For both sessions they had James and Peter as coaches.

I'm writing to you to communicate how thrilled we were with their coaching. James' leadership was exemplary - he did a wonderful job of coming up with drills while keeping the class engaging and fun. My kids looked forward to the class every week and we enjoyed watching their progress. We've done many programs with our kids over the years and the Power Soccer classes have trumped all others thanks to the high standard of coaching. Both James and Peter were very professional and did a great job of harnessing the kids' energy and keeping them focused. We recommended the program to other parents and they too were thrilled.


Felstead Park

I just wanted to give some feedback based on my son's experience at Power Soccer Camp in the summer. He attended the Felstead Park location for two weeks. I have to admit that I was reluctant at first to sign him up as I could not imagine him being engaged just playing soccer all day long. Was I ever wrong! He was upset at getting picked up at 4 and wanted to belong to the after-care group.

My husband and I were very impressed by the quality of the instruction that our son received as well as the variety of activities the program offered. He really enjoyed the Olympics and other competitions that were run each day. All of the coaches were knowledgeable, enthusiastic and truly engaged in assisting the players to develop their skills. He is very competitive and I really appreciated how the coaches emphasized consistently that it was not about winning and focused on getting the kids to support one another and applaud each other’s achievements as well as develop their skills.

The "report cards" that were issued at the end of the week gave feedback that was authentic and precise and were an accurate reflection of his strengths and the areas that he needs to improve upon. I was also really impressed that a number of the coaches said that they had attended the camp when they were younger.


U10 Soccer Sessions

My son thoroughly enjoyed the U10 Soccer Sense program. The coaches and training team were all very supportive and constructive towards building his skills and development. He has noticeably improved with your team's guidance. Equally important, his love for the game of soccer and integrity as a young person has been duly rewarded with his on-field dedication to the sport. We look forward to our next U10 Soccer Sense session


Exceptional Coaching

I can't speak highly enough of the exceptional coaching ability of James at Power Soccer. He manages to keep the kids motivated and on-task at all times, offering just the right blend of encouragement and discipline. Action-packed with fun skill-building drills and games, James and the Power Soccer program proved to be an excellent investment in my daughter's fitness.


Great Atmosphere

Thank you for the opportunity for our girls to play in the U14 3v3 Challenge. Although they were the only trio of girls playing against all the boys, it was a balanced atmosphere of challenge and fun. They really enjoyed the day!


Female Emerging Talent Program

My daughter really enjoyed the Female Emerging Talent Program with Power Soccer. The coaches involved kept the sessions challenging and fun, and it is obvious that her on-field confidence improved after these clinics. We drive in from Oshawa to find the quality training that Power Soccer offers. We love the program, the coaches, the training, and the level of skill the program attracts. We will sign up for more Power soccer sessions moving forward and we appreciate you recognizing the need to provide high level training for the girls. They really do benefit!


Good Times with My Son

Since the start of 2013 I have been enjoying the Adult sessions. This is my first real experience playing and learning soccer skills. Having coached my son for years in house league, he convinced me to sign up with him. He is a soccer player and referee and has been playing from a young age and even attended Power Soccer in the summer and indoor sessions when he was younger. Now 19, it’s pretty cool that he wants to get his old Dad out there with him on Friday nights.

We have found the sessions to be challenging, fun, a bit competitive and great camaraderie. We highly recommend this session for anyone, of any age, to get out and have fun while also getting exercise. And yes, it takes him less time to recover than me.

Jim and Adam

Hard Work but Fun!

Hi. My son is in camp this week in the under 6 group at Felstead park. Just wanted to let you know that the coaches leading the group, coach Megan, Matt, etc are AMAZING!!. They are working the kids hard and keeping it fun. They are also taking water breaks and watching all the kids to make sure they actually drink the water. Very impressed with their enthusiasm and energy. Cole is learning a lot and having fun. His confidence has improved a ton! Thank you


Summer Camp

I wanted to share some positive feedback - both my sons attended your camp last week at Glendon and they raved about the experience - calling it one of the best day camps they've ever attended. Your formula is working very well and we'll be back next summer if not sooner. Thanks.


March Break Camp

Hi Marco
Thank you for this email. Alan was very pleased with your March break soccer camp. He enjoyed his experience and was particularly impressed by one of your coaches Justin. He has been talking about it ever since.

Kind Regards,


Power FC Academy Letter

Hi Victor,
My son got his 1st letter on the mail today, he was so excited. This is his first "email". The letter was from Power Soccer and we read it to him. I wish I'd taken a picture so I could share, he was so proud of himself to be invited back!
The letter was beautifully written. This detail meant a lot to our kid. He is only 5 (JK) and starting to read now, that is how little some of your kids are.
He loves soccer and the Academy is a great place for him to learn skills, but your coaches not only teach him that. They teach him to be strong when he gets hit by a ball and wants to cry, teach him confidence when he succeeds at learning a new trick, they treat him as smart, driven kid (I could continue) and those are all life skills. The coaches my son has had since he started at Power Soccer have been nothing less than great.
Anyway, thank you for this detail

Ana and Gordon

Best children’s program and staff in the city

I just wanted to comment and say that you and your staff are doing an outstanding job.

Easily the best children's program and staff in the city.

The lessons and manners you teach are invaluable.

You and your staff are true talents and unequalled.



Marshall McLuhan’s Saturday program

My son, was enrolled at Marshall McLuhan's Saturday program this fall and I just wanted to let you know how impressed we were with the coaches.
James and Mike were excellent and the players' skills improved visibly over the course of the session.
I have always been impressed by the number and variety of games and drills employed by powersoccer coaches but this session in particular seemed extremely effective, both coaches using low voices to get the attention of the players with lots of positive feedback and a visible sense of enjoyment which was much appreciated by the players.
We have signed up for the next session at the same time.


Dear Coach Tyler

Thank you for yet another week of Power Soccer, this time under your guidance. You are dedicated and inspiring, a true model for the little ones ! Mayur mentioned that one day he'd like to be a coach like you !

Best Wishes,
Shobna, Mayur and Michael


This camp was definitely the highlight of our summer !

My son participated in the second week of camp U10. As a Canadian living in a foreign country, we were worried for many reasons: the lack of language (we don't speak English to him at home), the different mentality, the level of soccer (higher or less than what he is used to..?), and all the other regular stuff parents worry when they send their offspring off to camp…
We were thrilled by the way he was accepted by the coaches and the other children, communication was really OK- using English, hand gestures, and international soccer words (his English improved immensely!!), and the soccer level was impressive. The coaches were well trained, have diplomas in an array of sport related subjects (especially soccer, but happily not only soccer), they were understanding and had a great positive attitude towards the children and the parents. The wonderful report we received at the end of the camp, reflected exactly that: positive feedback, and pointers for personal improvement.
We are totally impressed and of course feel that our money was well spent: the risk was higher than the average Canadian, since we come from abroad, and it could easily be the wrong choice.
Adam can't stop talking about the camp, and was sad he couldn't continue for another week (at least…).
I'm happy to say, that we decided that we will make every effort to return again next year. The experience was so great, we want to have it again!
Special thanks to his coaches: Ian and Joe. They are the main reason this experience was so meaningful.

Thank you from the bottom of our heart. This camp was defiantly the highlight of our summer!

Rosanne and Adam

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