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Power FC Academy programs are designed to help players kick their skills up to the next level and reach their fullest potential in a positive and challenging environment. Our organization is comprised of fully accredited professionals who are experienced in developing the mental, physical, tactical and technical qualities of young players. We take great pride in our ability to nurture and encourage both the physical and emotional development of youth players. Power FC has a Boys and Girls Academy Program. We are currently building the girls section with U7 to U11 (2010 to 2014) and U14 (2007) girls teams.


Since 2005, the Power FC Academy Program has been involved in competition with other soccer clubs and academies to test and develop player’s skills in a competitive environment. Inter-Academy competition was initially run by the Soccer Academy Alliance of Canada (SAAC), of which Power FC was a founding member with ANB, Bryst and 1v1 Academy. Power FC also played in the OASL and will compete in Ontario inter-Academy competition in 2021 from U13 to U17.  Grassroots team will compete in the Toronto District (TSA). Teams will also be involved in cross-border play in US festivals and tournaments and Power FC makes regular overseas tours.

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Power FC Professional Club Training


Power FC coaches are professionals with accredited coaching Licenses. Additionally, Power FC has links with several European, North American and South American clubs allowing our players the opportunity to receive instruction and coaching from professionsl clubs coaching staff.  Seveal players have trialed with professionla clubs in England and Scotland. 

In addition to our trips overseas, players have the opportunity to travel each year to the US for youth and Showcase Tournaments (college scouting opportunities). These incredible experiences allow players to perform under the bright lights of the world stage and let their talents shine. This is also a powerful opportunity for players to create not only skills but memories that will last a lifetime.

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Depending on your child’s age this program will see them training three to four times a week with a focus on maximizing their enjoyment while assisting in their skill development. Power FC Academy youth players are expected to commit to a long term player development program that will enhance the opportunity for them to play at the highest level possible.

The development doesn’t stop on the pitch. Coaches will assist your child with home training exercises to elevate their game to the next level. They will receive personalized feedback and objectives to help them improve and unlock their full potential.

Power FC Professional Club Training


Each year we bring our Power FC Academy Senior teams to a number of high-level tournaments in the US. To further optimize player opportunities we create online profiles that will be made available to influential Coaches and Scouts. We not only develop players, we showcase them.


Our goal is to help your child discover their full potential, challenge themselves and develop a deep understanding of the game in a nurturing environment. Our specialized instruction encourages players to improve fitness and speed in addition to their technical and tactical skills. We are deeply committed to maximizing opportunities for players who demonstrate the physical and emotional skills necessary to succeed.

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The Power FC Program is structured and led by experts to optimize your child’s enjoyment while setting ongoing challenges to aid in their self-improvement. This involves honing the technical skills of the first touch, shielding and precise passing. Each skill will help players play smarter and offer a competitive advantage on the pitch.

With Academy players we emphasize good habits including ball dexterity, quick feet and the confidence to take the shot. Our Coaches will instruct sessions on Pressure, Possession, Switching Play, Penetration and Counter Attacking.

Players will be provided functional feedback on a regular basis and given instruction to fully sharpen the tactical elements of their game including, positional support play, running off the ball and attacking and defensive responsibilities.

We will also develop advanced skills such as chipping, curling and volleying while improving player speed, agility and core strength. As squads are formed player’s technical and tactical skills will be evaluated and encouraged. Our goal is to reveal individual potential and maximize opportunities based on personal strengths.